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The Donut Box was our first stop, partly because it was on our way to World Showcase but mostly because my good friend recommended the Lemon Blueberry Donut. We decided to take a short trip through Mouse Gears to check out the new Food & Wine Merchandise, which there is lots of good stuff, and then on to The Donut Box. This is located outside of the exit from Test Track and a great stop to get that extra energy boost on your way to World Showcase. There were two different donuts that The Little Mouse and I couldn’t resist and based on the recommendation from my good friend Amanda, we definitely had to try the Lemon Blueberry Donut. When I saw they also had a Black Forest Donut, I couldn’t resist. I mean who doesn’t love cherries, actually cherry pie filling. Yum!

Lemon Blueberry Donut $5.00

Amanda enjoyed that this donut was warm and fluffy and a little bit tangy. She felt the lemon and blueberry is what brought that tang to the donut. She savored the fact that it wasn’t too sweet. I really enjoyed the lemon filling which had a little tartness that I really enjoyed. I’m all about blueberries so this was the perfect touch. The icing was good and not too sweet. The donut itself was flaky and light. I would definitely try this one again. Little Mouse said it was very delicious and moist. The lemon filling was tangy and refreshing and the blueberries popped when you bit into them. The icing was the perfect mixture of the lemon flavor. Overall this was her favorite donut.

Black Forest Donut – $5.00

I love anything that has cherries and cherry pie filling is one of my favorite indulgences. So when I saw this donut I just had to try it. The topping was good and the bright tase of the cherries really helped balance out the sweetness of the chocolate. I was however a little disappointed in the donut itself, it was very dry. Although it was a good treat I don’t think I would purchase this one again. Little Mouse was fond of the chocolate and said it balanced out the cherries.

As you can see they have plenty of choices to match your needs and everyone in your group. Let me know if there’s something you tried here that you really enjoyed. Overall I think for the cost of these sweet treats it was worth the money. I liked being able to try something a little sweet on my way to World Showcase.

“If you are what you eat they you might as well eat something good” – Ratatouille

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