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I love when Disney offers special Passholder events, especially when it is to see new merchandise. I love the color blue, but full disclosure, Cinderella blue is one of my favorite blues. So, I was a bit hesitant to see what Arendelle Aqua really looked like. I’m really glad I stopped in because I was very impressed and thought it was a beautiful color. Good thing I don’t wear Crocs anymore or I would have ended up with one more pair. As this merchandise hits the shelves I’m sure it will fly off as quickly as it hits. So, if you want to own some of the Arendelle Aqua merchandise, I would buy it sooner than later. Comment and let me know what is your favorite new Arendelle merchandise.

This purse is pretty cute.

This new jewelry is very pretty and I love the color.

Loungefly Backpack – $90.00

This is a pretty good picture of the true color.

Loungefly Mini-Backpack – $40.00

This isn’t the greatest picture for color but look how cute that tiny backpack is.


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